Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kite Flyer

This picture was also taken while in Washington, DC. While walking through the Mall, Shauna and I encountered numerous kite enthusiasts running about and enjoying the higher then high nature of kite flying. It turned out that all these individuals were practicing for the annual kite flying challenge in Washington the upcoming weekend. There we lots of very usual kites in the air (and usual individuals flying them). Lucky for me I was able to capture a couple moments on my camera. Here's just a hint.

Marching Band

Shauna and I went to Washington, DC for a conference in March. While there we ran into a local highschool band setting up for a free show. I really enjoyed their vibrant coloured outfits and "ordered chaos" while they set up. It made for a picture taking frenzy! Here are just some of the pictures I snagged during the event. More DC pictures to come hopefully by this weekend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Chicken

I did some product shots for Shauna and while doing so I snagged a photo of Shauna's birthday chicken, which is a felted chicken given to Shauna from her sister. It's super fun and a great conversation piece in our house. Now the world can enjoy too.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

MXII Typewriter

Shauna recently acquired a "new" antique typewriter at a silent auction. This gave me an opportunity to fiddle around with some digital editing to get that old time feel. Of course, my love for the sephia filter was used. I like 'em!!

Welcome to the Jungle

While back in TO I got to capture my sister's cat in her natural habitat. Sleeping on a blanket, atop the hot tub in the plant-filled solarium. Thought I'd try and capture some jungle-esk photos to give Mish the panther like look.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Taking more inspiration from this digital photography book, I decided to take a couple panoramic pictures with the intention of photo stitching them to create a large scale photo that resembles a single wide angle lens shot. Though there were many failed attempts, through experimentation I did have a few successes. This is one of the few I enjoyed. It has been scaled down quite a bit, but I hope it maintains its effect.


I've been way behind on posting new photos. Turns out this PhD stuff is more time consuming than originally envisioned. I have a back log of edited photos to post from many months ago, and I finally dedicated today to getting them posted. This set is from late August. I  passed these satellite dishes driving Shauna to and from work during the 'golden hours' of the day on numerous occasions and finally stopped to take a few photos. I have been reading this book on compositional designs and the chapter I was currently reading was about lines in photos. So here is my attempt to capture the lines of the satellites and its surrounding environment.